Appropriate behavior is a vital aspect of a well learning community. In the deficiency of a disciplined environment, the teacher cannot teach effectively and the learner cannot learn. Every behavior act has a consequence. It is the assurance that the consequence will occur that guides us as individuals in choosing appropriate behaviors. The Clardy Physical Education Department Discipline Plan is an attempt to provide a safe learning community in which students could be provided with the best instructional setting. The students will value and develop responsibility for their own behaviors and academic progress. The Clardy Physical Education Department Discipline Plan also outlines specifics and provides reasonable rules of expected conduct and behavior along with logical and realistic consequences for both positive and negative behaviors. At all times students are expected to be courteous and respectful to other students, parents, teachers, teachers’ assistants, volunteers, substitutes and administration on Clardy’s school grounds. Repetitive misbehavior in these areas will be referred to the parents. Parents will be contacted to assist in changing this undesirable behavior.

Physical Education Rules

*    Listen and follow directions

*    Stay in assigned area

*    Keep all body parts to yourself

*    No throwing, touching or picking up rocks at any time

*    Students should not be talking while the coaches are giving instructions for  activities

*    Use polite and respectful language and manners to others
*    Demonstrate the exercises correctly  

*    Follow class leaders’ directions at all times

*    Handle P.E. equipment safely for the safety of everybody

*    Move with control and awareness of others

*    Wear tennis shoes to P.E. at all times

Class Incentive
Class recognition (Take a picture model)  

Class cheer ( Hamburger, Roller Coaster, Firecracker)

Choice activity Friday

Field Day

Student Incentive
Stickers, ribbons and certificates

Class exercise leader

Choice activity Friday

Field Day

List Of Consequences for Unacceptable Behavior in Cladry’s PE Class   

When a student performs an inappropriate behavior the student will receive the following consequences: 

             * Verbal warning 

             *  Redirect the student and verbal warning

             *  Cool Off Period for the student in order to be redirected into the instructional setting.

            *  Contact Parents via telephone or memo for Conference with Physical Education Teacher

             *   Conference with Parents, Physical Education Teacher and Administration

            *   Referred to Administration 

 Unacceptable Behavior

1. Not following directions of staff (teachers, paraprofessionals, custodians, librarians, school volunteers and administration).

2. Kicking, fighting, pushing, shoving, tripping, and play fighting.

3. Teasing, swearing, spitting, and name-calling.

4. Throwing of dangerous objects such as snowballs, rocks, sticks, and sand/pebbles are forbidden.

5. Using field, playground, and multipurpose equipment unsafely. Students must not play in restricted areas.

6. If an act or behavior results in damage to school property, the student will be required to replace or repair the property.

Severe Clause in Clardy’s Physical Education Class  

Students engaging in dangerous, disrespectful/abusive or illegal behavior will be referred directly to the assist principal.

A.  Dangerous - Any behavior that is intended to cause physical injury to a student or staff member.

B.  Disrespectful/Abusive - Behavior in which students refuse to obey reasonable directives from any staff member and/or use profane or disrespectful language to any staff member.

C.  Illegal - Behavior involving theft, vandalism, possession of dangerous objects, smoking, drugs, alcohol and truancy. 

D.  Harassment / Bullying-   Students repeatedly engaging in behaviors such as using threats, put-downs, teasing, obscenities, gestures, and/or physical contact such as kicking, tripping, pushing, pinching, hitting, fighting